Mumias East  Member of Parliament Peter Salasya  has clapped back at  Kenyans especially those on twitter who were critiquing him over his response to a local journalist who asked him a few questions about the ongoing Africa Climate Summit.

Salasya has unapologetically stated that he was not elected to speak about issues with climate change and his  English has nothing to do with them.

”All those idiots on twitter critising me on how I responded SPM about Climate Change wakwende uko na kizungu yao wasimame kura pia wawe wabungwe wa constituencies zao

Politics ni local wakwende na kizungu yao.I was not elected to talk about climate changes idiots muiniuskie.”

When asked to explain what the event was all about, and the impact of climate change, amid an ongoing national conversation the Mumias East Mp fumbled for sometime before finding right words.

“As we are all aware, it’s that…it’s climate change because you find that, by the way, climate change is real because of global warming,” Salasya would say.

“I was in Mombasa last week, and it was so cold. I asked them, what is happening? They told me the sun has become too hot and the ice is melting, and so when it melts, that thing becomes cold,” he continued.

The journalist went ahead to ask parliamentarian what his role in championing climate change was he answered.

“We represent the rural constituencies whose residents mostly use firewood for cooking, and now we are advocating for the use of jikos and those other types of gas, but the people don’t have money,” the MP explained.

Since then many Kenyans have expressed their disappointments in the legislator.

This is rich coming from a legislator who is advocating for the protection of farmers and restoration of their value chain. Mheshimiwa you should be at the fore front of the fight against climate change, it is adirect threat to your constituents who depend on rain for farming!

He’s advocating for sugarcane farming which impoverished farmers instead of hiring consultant on land use management to reverse the cycle of sweet poverty farming in western. Sugarcane farming has killed farmers in India due to stress.

The Mp is currently in Kisumu  for  meetings set top solve the aching sugarcane related problems being experienced in the plant growing region.


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