Frankie Gymit a city fitness enthusiast and Instagram celebrity has elicited different reactions after revealing that money to him was never an issue as he comes from a well-off family.

The gym instructor was having an interview in a Kenyan podcast dubbed financially incorrect and he was questioned on his experience with being broke.

To the surprise of the interviewer and many Kenyans, since that snippet is now going viral, the father of four stated that he had never struggled with finances at any point in his life.

Clarifying that he was not being boastful about it but just telling his story, the once upon a time personal trainer, explained that he was lucky to hail from a rich family.

He went on to add that he could not speak about being broke as he had never even experienced the feeling of being down financially.

” I have never struggled with finances, I mean I’m from a well-off family,  That’s not even like hehe that’s not even like a flex I’m just saying,” he stated amid busts of laughter.

The instructor’s revelation did not auger well with many netizens as they flocked to the comment section to air out their opinions on the whole conversation.

Some blasted him for boasting with his parent’s money rather than his own while others felt that he was right to tell his story just like the less fortunate are also granted a voice to tell their own story.

”Kwa nini mnakasirika akisema hajawai teseka? he is just telling his story.”

”A  man bragging about his family’s fortune,  so sad your children will not be able to say the same.”

”Kila mtu ako na right and freedom to speech, lakini huyu wako rich lakini child support payment is where he draws the line.”

His revelations comes months after he was accused of stalling on his child support by his ex-partner Maureen Waititu with whom they share two boys.

He has since been used online as an example of good-looking men who impregnate women and then vanish when handed responsibility.



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