Popular Kamba gospel musician Justina Syokau has exposed her baby daddy Johnstone Vundi Musyoka a deadbeat father and a wife barterer.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Syokau said that Vundi neglected their son soon after he was born. She also detailed the mistreatment she went through in the hands of her husband’s family.

“Am tired of faking it. I am not okay.  My ex’s name is Johnstone Vundi Musyoka brother to Kalonzo Musyoka. He married me in June 2021 chased me in August 2013. He chased me out of our matrimonial home immediately I gave birth to our son.  His mother says his son will never be taken care of by my ex. The woman mistreated me threatened me to leave his son,” the artist revealed.

According to her, her ex-husband who works at the foreign affairs ministry threatened to kill her, forcing her to drag him to court.

The court ordered him to pay a monthly upkeep of Kshs 8000 for his son. He however stopped providing after sometime.

“I went to court again because he stopped sending money for his son and that time my son had started schooling. He said he cannot pay school fees for his child  mtoto wangu apelekwe government school, that is what he said. He said that he can only raise Kshs4500. The court ordered him to pay Kshs7000 per month. He paid for only 4 months and he stopped. Since then I have never gone to court. I just got tired of reminding him about paying upkeep for his child,” she said.

Justina also claimed that Vundi has been paying people to insult her on social media. She further said that she is afraid of reminding him to take care of his son because she fears for her life.

“We separated because he was beating me. He used not to support me. He humiliated me a lot. I got depressed in my own house I could not come out because people knew usI could not even tell people what went wrong I kept quiet Until the I shared my story with Lynn ngungi. This man he removed his son from NIHF card stopped paying monthly support. I have never reached him out because I fear him killing me,” he said.



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