Popular socialite Alhuddah Njoroge alias Huddah Monroe caused a stir online when she claimed that Kenya was one of the hardest places to invest.

Her statements came during a live question and answerA session with her Instagram followers.

One of them had posed the question to the ”Rich Beauty” founder enquiring where she pioneered her business in Dubai and not her Motherland.

The one time Big Brother Africa contestant explained that starting up a business in Kenya was not for the faint hearted.She stated that a business person in Kenya had  to bribe like 10 agencies before they even got to set the business in motion.

Huddah revealed that her friends seek business opportunities in other East African countries since tey have a history of being  exploited at the hands of business  agencies in Kenya.

The beautiful lass added that she was a patriot who marketed her country everytime she was on travel, but the reffered business persons alledgly faced so many challenges to a point they got frustrated.

”Also the hardest place to invest in is Kenya. You will have to bribe like 10 agencies  before you get permission to set it up. My friends have seen it all. They always go to other East African countries . When I travel, I sell my country but when they come they face so many challenges it is frustrating !” the socialiate lamented.

Netizens took to the comment section to air out their oponions regarding the sensitive topic especially now that taxes are increasing day and night.

”Lakini hadanganyi..utapata unaanza kuhongana kuanzia ofisi ya maji”

”The current government needs to make sure that there is a friendlybusiness environment failure to whcih, wakenya masaibu yetu ndio inaanza”

”Its always the socilites talking. Mambo ya Biashara wachia watu wa Biashara waongee.” Kenyans  online commented.


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