Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has expressed interest in meeting viral Tiktoker Priscilla wa Imani.

This comes as good news to the now celeb, who in a TikTok video is heard loudly expressing her interests to meet the city boss.

“Priscilla wa Imani niko Nairobiii….Sakajaaaa.. Sakaja wee… Priscilla wa Imani anakutafuta Sakaja weee…,” the viral tiktoker is heard saying amidst loud whistling.


Governor Sakaja responding to her wish replied with his own Tiktok video, inviting her to city hall.

“Priscilla wa Imani….whistling…Unafanya nini Nyamakima? Toka hapo… Niko City Hall, Kuja City Hall.”

Priscilla wa Imani has been trending since her video whistling loudly at various places went viral.

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