Georgina  Njenga, a popular content creator has came under fire from Kenyans online for engaging her nanny in a ”stolen money” prank.

The mother of one took to her Instagram page and posted a snippet of the prank video alerting her fans to watch out for the video which would be released the next day on her YouTube channel.

In the clip which is now making rounds on social media, Njenga and her friend can be seen roughing up the nanny who looks shocked and confused  as they enquired about some lost cash that was found in her closet.

”Mimi sijai fanya kitu ka hii. Mama Nyambu siezi kufanyia kitu kama hii. unajua ata nashangaa vile iyo pesa ilifika kwa vitu zangu sielewi vile izi pesa zilifika nguo zangu aki. Mama Nyambu mimi siezi fanya hivi aki walae.” the nanny said as she tried to defend herself.

The prank further intensified when Njenga suggested that her Nanny should start packing her clothes and use the ”stolen money” as bus fare to go back to the village since nobody else could have accessed her closet.



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Kenyans were seemingly not happy with the content creator’s antics as they took to her comment section to blast her for overstepping the nanny’ boundaries.

Some netizens even suggested that if they were to switch places with her nanny most would have already issued a termination notice as the embarrassment was too much.

”Mimi nayo ukinifanyia hii prank naacha kazi rohosafi.”

” Never joke with people called nannies give them their respect. some pranks is a NO”

”Hii prank nayo imeuma nje kuliko relationship yako na baha”  netizens commented.

On sensing the eminent trolls, Njenga too went to the comment section to defend herself.

Replying to an Instagram user who had expressed their displeasure in the prank, njenga assured her that it was just a prank.

”Lol it was literally a prank.” she wrote.


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