Former Cabinet Secretary (CS)  Amb. Amina Chawahir Mohamed is set to take on a pivotal role as the leader of a team of Commonwealth election observers for Zimbabwe’s upcoming election.

Zimbabweans will be participating voting on August 23, 2023 to elect councillors, members of parliament, and a president.

This significant appointment comes as Zimbabwe is on the path to rejoin the Commonwealth, marking a milestone in its democratic journey.

Zimbabwe, having left the Commonwealth in December 2003, is gearing up for its second successive Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) to monitor the harmonized elections. With approximately 6.6 million registered voters, the election holds the promise of electing presidential candidates, members of the National Assembly, and local councillors.

The COG’s impartial and independent mandate extends from scrutinising the election’s groundwork to observing the polling, counting, results, and overall electoral environment. The group’s crucial role involves assessing the entire electoral process and making recommendations to enhance Zimbabwe’s electoral system.

Before embarking on its mission across Zimbabwe, the COG will engage with electoral authorities, political parties, law enforcement agencies, the diplomatic community, media, and civil society groups, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the country’s electoral landscape.

Upon fulfilling their mission, the COG will present an all-encompassing report encompassing their insights and suggestions to the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC. This report will be made accessible to the public and shared with the Government of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, political party leaders, and other Commonwealth member governments.

A diverse and accomplished team joins Ambassador Amina Chawahir Mohamed, including experts, former diplomats, and legal minds from around the Commonwealth. This collective effort aims to ensure transparency, credibility, and fairness in Zimbabwe’s electoral process.

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