Female MPs  through tfehe Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) has condemned the controversial unsavory act perpetrated to a female passenger by a matatu conductor along Thika Road.

Kajiado Women Representative and KEWOPA Chairperson, Leah Sankaire  terming the incident as “violation of human rights and dignity” in a statement on Tuesday urged the Inspector General of Police and authorities in the transport sector to conduct further investigation and  ensure prosecution of the rogue conductor in the viral video.

“KEWOPA would like to call upon the Inspector General, Mr. Japhet Koome and all the relevant authorities to immediately effect the necessary arrests and investigations in the matter, ensure that the investigations are done without any bias and the culprit is charged in accordance with the applicable laws,” stated Sankaire.

Sankaire termed the incident as Gender-Based-Violence calling for intervention from security forces.

“We as the women leaders further call upon these authorities to investigate the operations of the Matatus and ensure that the regulations on the operations of the Matatu SACCOs include GBV in the codes of conduct of staff operating public service vehicles… KEWOPA wishes to call upon all Public Service Vehicle operations to recognize that disagreements should never be an excuse for violation of the rights of passengers,” Ms. Sankaire noted.

She further explained  that the taut failed to drop the victim at the agreed stage resulting to the heated altercation.

Things escalated when the rogue taut after a push and pull unleashed a whack on the woman that left her kissing the ground.

“From the video, it is seen that the lady pleaded with the tout to let her go with no success. The tout did not let go and later sent the lady to the ground with a forceful hit,” stated Ms. Sankaire.

“KEWOPA further calls upon the BYBUSS LTD and the matatu Owners Association to take immediate action to address this incident including publishing a formal apology to the affected female passenger and the public to hold the responsible individual accountable for their actions through dismissal,” She added.

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