Renown gospel singer Esther Wahome has opened up on why she does not parade her family in the limelight.

In an interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, the Kuna Dawa hitmaker said that she prefers to keep her family private because they belong to her and not the people she ministers to.

“I am the one who ministers, the people I minister to have got no business with my children, my husband, my marriage, my family because why should I push them there and they are not the ones ministering to the people. There is the Esther who is ministering to the people. There is Esther who is  a mother to my children. My children are my children they don’t belong to the public. My husband doesn’t belong to the public. My marriage does not belong to the public,” she said.

Esther added that exposing her family would attract a lot of battles but she maintained that she has nothing to hide or show to to the public.

“I always feel like if you are a minister of the gospel and you expose unnecessarily your private life haters and people out there who even don’t know you then you are attracting a lot of battles, unwanted battles so for me that is the way it has been and I have got nothing to hide, I have got nothing to take to the public because my private life does not belong to them, it belongs to me and my family,” she said

She however noted that her ministry belongs to the people because that is what God called her to do.

For those questioning where she disappeared to she said, “My music is on YouTube, all the digital platforms that’s where we release music, I think people  who never went digital with music they are always wondering where people are but people are on digital platforms.”


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