Investment, trade and industry cabinet secretary Moses Kuria has once again accused Citizen Tv of siding with Azimio la Umoja.

Kuria made the allegation during a conversation with Citizen TV on Wednesday, that was aimed at looking into President William Ruto’s governance, one year since being sworn into office.

It all started when Citizen Tv’s Sam Gituku questioned him about the cooking oil prices noting that the prices were still high yet during campaigns, Kenya Kwanza promised to lower the prices.

The Cs who is known for his vocal statements against the media was  put on the spot for quoting figures there were in conflict with facts gathered across several supermarkets and retailers countrywide.

“I have seen you inciting Kenyans…And that is why your Azimio Lost. Let’s put it this way Sam. You will never learn. The same way you were falsifying facts last year with your Azimio is the same way you are falsifying it now. The same way you had skewed panels during that time is the same way you have skewed panels now. The same way you were  using fake opinion polls that time that tell you that Azimio was winning is what I have seen in that panel right now,” Kuria hit back at Gituku.

He mentioned that the prices Gituku had quoted were not right and that the prices he knew are far less than the quoted amounts by at least Sh 100.

“I wish your figures were factual. You pride yourselves that your TV is the most watched in the country, so don’t forget that somebody is watching you from a supermarket, so be careful,” Kuria defended himself. “Cooking oil is much lower than what you project there, and Kenyans know that. You’ve said correctly that the price has come down, but it’s not even to the level you have said. It is by 50% since we came to government,” he claimed

Kuria went ahead to say that Royal Media Services are inconsistent in trying to manipulate what the government has done.

“It is much lower than that, it’s in the region of Ksh.230 to Ksh.240…everyone can be entitled to their own opinions, but not everyone can be entitled to their own facts. Facts are universal,” he said.

Challenging the CS, Gituku invited one of the Citizen TV reporters who confirmed that the CSs figures were false. According to the reporter who was in Naivas, Eldoret, the prices of 1 litre of cooking oil ranged from Kshs 307 and 355 depending on the brand.




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