Anerlisa Muigai

Nero Water CEO and Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has reiterated her advice to ladies urging them to get themselves  wealthy men.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Anerlisa shared a reel of her ‘role model’ Leyla Milani, a Canadian – American model who was touring the world with her husband and could not help but eye in ‘jealousy.’

Milani was enjoying the beach, and cruising through sending the ‘rich’ wife vibe to the awe and admiration of her fans.

“This wife is living my dream. Get you a wealthy man. Do not settle for less,” Anerlisa captioned the video

This is not the first time the entrepreneur  has advised women to bag themselves  rich men. In April this year, she urged  her younger followers to have babies with rich men even  if they felt marriage was not a path for them to take.

“I don’t know how this will sound, but to my younger audience, please protect yourself until you get a proper career/marriage. A child in a proper marriage is always blessed but if you don’t want a marriage, at least let your baby daddy be rich; and not just the richness of cars (they depreciate). I mean the richness of a successful business with a promising future,” Anerlisa Muigai stated.

In 2021, Anerlisa complained about men using their women’s money.  She said that it felt different when a man comes home and throws you a ‘loose $500’ (Sh563,000) from whatever deal he makes adding that women too enjoy being spoilt.
“We are tired of people eating our money. May our money rest,” she said.

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