Second lady Bishop Dorcas Rigathi has come out to defend Christians and Christianity which has been under criticism since the arrestcontroversial Malindi pastor Paul Mackenzie.

Bishop Dorcas has called out Kenyans against condemning all Christians  over a mistake that has been committed by one individual.

She noted that  when a person commits an offence, the judgement should be delivered to that individual, and not as a collective justice.

“You cannot condemn all Christians because of one criminal. A criminal is a criminal,alone, a Terrorist is a terrorist, alone. There’s nothing like collective justice. We must not keep quiet as the blanket of condemnation of Christians and the labelling of Christians as criminals goes on” said pastor Dorcas.

Weighing in on the ongoing Paul Mackenzie case, the deputy president’s wife said the Controversial man of God should be treated as an individual and not a Christian case. She further added his family should also not be persecuted for his crimes.

” If Paul Mackenzie is a criminal, he should be treated as an individual. Even his family should not be part of his crimes. Paul Mackenzie is not the church ” said Dorcas.






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