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Diana Marua is puzzled on what to give his partner Bahati after he got her 7 gifts to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their relationship.

In a suggestive photo, in a well tucked bedroom that was decorated with a sign that read that read 7th anniversary, the two could be seen sharing a light kiss while holding each other.

Responding to queries on what he should give her partner Bahati after he showered with expensive gifts Diana was ecstatic but could not fathom a worthy reciprocated experience after her sweetheart melted her heart with the seven gifts.

“Wenye Mnasema ata Mimi Nipee @BahatiKenya Gift… Lakini, hata ingekua Wewe Ni Mimi, after hizi 7 Gifts Ungempea Nini Surely??? 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️” she wrote.

Of course Netizens were apt with responses on what Diana B should do to appreciate his enormous efforts to make her happy.

“Give him peace, he gave u houses, give him home,love him and always support him,he loves you so deeply,Pray for him always Mama”

“Mpee twins sasa….and the sweetest one three times per day kama dose for SEVEN DAYS kama anniversary 😂” A fan said.

“Huo upendo unaompa ni zaidi ya hizo 🎁 gift endelea kumpenda tu😍😍😍😍” A Netizen quipped.

“My dia diana, you have given Bahati 3 precious gifts a man can ask for, uko sawa unless uongeze kanumber 4 sasa🤣,” read a separate comment.

“{Mnunulie range rover kama hio yako zikue zina match😂,, couple goals😂” Another fan added.

Recently Bahati caused a stir online after he accompanied Diana Marua to a vajacial treatment.

Vajacial treatment is a skin-exfoliating procedure performed on the vaginal area of the body to remove dead skin cells to expose lighter and more vibrant skin.

The singer noted that his wife wanted to thoroughly and professionally clean her private parts ahead of the big surprise during their anniversary celebration.



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