Manzi Wa Facebook a die hard fan of Khaligraph Jones has once again confessed her undying love for the hip hop sensation during an interview with Obinna. In a titillating comic style Manzi wa facebook said she would be willing to have up to seven children with Khaligraph to which Obinna broke out in  laughter amused by the audacious proposal.

Without any fear she said she is the right woman for him since she does not sell herself cheaply like simcards being sold on the streets and she does not recklessly  ingratiate with men.

“Crush mali imefika nikujie hii miaka pia inaenda vibaya na menopause si ugonjwa ya meno aki Niko ready kumzalia watoto wenye atataka ata seven yenye atasema tu” she said

Asked if she was not appalled by Khaligraph’s gigantic physique she responded with an engrossing funny response that you must be prepared when going for an interview for maximum chances of success.

“Before uapply kazi unakuanga umejipanga ndio uweze kupata hio kazi so before nipate khaligraph zoezi ntakua nimepiga wewe” she boldly said

Manzi wa facebook lit the show with her rancorous  humor after revealing she was willing to be a sidechick to Khaligraph even if it meant he would be hiding her affirming he would not be interfering with his marriage. She asserted that she was a natural beauty and needed no make up like other women which would a plus for him.

” Mi bora amenipea chance ntacheza chini ya maji mi ata nikiwa sidechick number four sina shida ye akinidate bora anifiche kama mihadarati mi bora amenipea chance” she amazingly proclaimed.

Netizens could not hide their appraisals for her alluring personality which saw them flock to the comment section.

@paulinanduku2748 Menopause si ugonjwa ya meno 😂😂😂 she’s a vibe

@mauricekenya1926 Huyu mpoa ni comedian tu!!! 😂😂😂😂

@nzau_jnr huu dem ni vibes😂😂





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