Diamond’s mother Mama Dangote has revealed that her youngest grandchild, Naseeb Junior, has been enrolled in a school in Tanzania.

Mama Dangote took to Instagram and shared a video of her grandchild who was ready to be taken to school.

In the video, Naseeb was wearing a matching T-shirt and short with a school bag on his back.

Mama Dangote said that Diamond was taking him to school.

“Kweli Tom Kaka(Naseeb Junior) amekua. Hatimaye Naseeb Kichwa @Diamondplatinumz anaamka asubuhi kumpeleka mtoto Naseeb Junior shule,” she captioned the video.


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A section of fans were gravely confused about the move of Naseeb schooling in Tanzania, some pointing that it was not a right one.

“Shule angesoma Kenya, sasa TZ mtoto hataongea kizungu tena,” an Instagram user noted.

Another sought some clarification about the same.

“Mama Dangote samahani nauliza kawani NJ anakaa Bongo sasa hivi.”

“Kwani wamehamia Tanazania,” wondered another user.

Another fan went ahead and praised Tanasha for being so humble, understanding and clout-free. She further hoped that she would get another child with Diamond.

In yet another comment, a netizen wondered if Tanasha had agreed to have her son brought up by Zuchu, who is believed to be Diamond’s current lover.

Diamond and Tanasha left netizens talking after reuniting last month for the bongo singer’s birthday as well as that of their son which fall on the same day.

Many were convinced that Zuchu had finally been sidelined and that Tanasha was the chosen woman for Diamond.

Days later, Diamond and Zuchu shut breakup rumours by showcasing their romance publicly.

Zuchu also separately said that when she got into a relationship, she was aware that Diamond had children and he would always meet his baby mamas no matter whether she like it or not.

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