Amberay alias Faith Makau has caused fans to worry after she posted a photo looking like the shadow of her former self.

Out of habit, the socialite took to her largely followed Instagram account and posted a  thirst trap photo unknown to her that fans would analyze it and jump into their own conclusions.

In the photo that is now doing rounds on social media, the mother of two adorned an orange skimpy dress and maroon heels with maroon hair to match.

Hawk-eyed fans however were quick to notice some extreme changes in the socialite’s pictorials and physique.

Some were surprised that the ”rich” celebrity was wearing a cheap dress while others pointed out that she had lost a considerable amount of weight.

Her die hard fans however argued that the controversial socialite was doing alright and it was just the poor lighting doing her some injustice which was ironical since she had captioned the photo in question  ” Due to divine reasons my light can’t be dimmed.”


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These are some of the comments that received lots of interaction from netizens.

”Please Kennedy if you are stressing her leave her …eish never seen a luo man making our girl loose weight”

”Rapudo out here sucking your beauty away … ama ndio kuchukua nyota yako”

”The nyash is not nyashing. Hii ni ndoa imekufanya hivi rudi streets”
Netizens concerns come weeks after the socialite accused her daughter’s father of being abusive.
She alleged that she was suffering in silence until he slapped her silly in a night club In front of her friends.
The two have since reconciled as they have been spotted but internet sleuths hanging out together multiple times after their much publicized breakup with Rapudo back to consistently flaunting her on his socials.


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