A clip of a woman removing her undergarments in the midst of a crowd in Nairobi  at National Archives has brought the internet to a standstill.

The video which has been circulating online has spurred a lot of attention of online with netizens taken aback by the lewd act.

The woman in question who was wearing a black micro mini skirt boldly removed her underwear then she puts in back unashamedly while showing her bare skin to thousands of people walking around the vicinity.

The viral clip has elicited debates online of the fundamental importance of privacy in open spaces and the emerging trends brought about by the technological advancements in the 21st century.

Some online users found amusement in the absurd nature of the incident with some bashing her for going overboard in the name of content creation.

While for some it provided a form of entertainment as she did the act, it also questions about the increasing surveillance culture enabled by technology as well as lack of concern from netizens these days.

“These are those content creators who should be really be taxed heavily. imfikie kijana ya sugoi, ” a netizen noted.

“Where is her parents to deny they didn’t teach the child good manners,” a social media user said.

“You are doing what exactly she wished should be done…marketing her product that what you are doing,” another claimed.

“This girl did it on Monday pale Tom Mboya statue next to MP hiyo base huwa wameketi hapo archive this was intentional in the name of creating content,” another user pointed out

“She had just remembered that she had worn the pants inside out , in the video she is fixing the mess,” read another comment.


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