Gavin Williamson, a British minister in the United Kingdom has taken it up to design from his role following bullying allegations and the unearthing of his past conduct.

In a letter confirming his resignation, Gavin Williamson faulted the accusations stating that they were overshadowing his good work and impact on the government.

“As you know, there is an ongoing complaints process concerning text messages I sent to a colleague,”

“I am complying with this process and I have apologized to the recipient for those messages. Since then, there have been other allegations made about my past conduct. I refute the characterization of these claims, but I recognize these are becoming a distraction for the good work this government is doing for the British people,” he stated.

“I have therefore decided to step back from the government so that I can comply fully with the complaints process that is underway and clear my name of any wrongdoing,” Williamson added.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak accepted his resignation but he is, however, expected to face members of the British Parliament for questioning in regard to the conduct in which he has handled Sir Gavin’s issue.

Sir Gavin Williamson is being accused of abusive behavior towards fellow MPs and civil servants.

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