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Popular Kikuyu gospel artist , Betty Bayo has hit back at a social media user who criticized her for getting married with two children from her previous marriage.

The fan used a metaphor used in football to explain the scores of the teams playing where he pointed out that football matches begin when each team are 0-0 but on her case her match(marriage) begun when she’s already two goals ahead of her competitor.

“Hakuna mechi huanza 2-0,”  the netizen critiqued.

Bayo however evoked excitement from her fans on TikTok after she boldly responded to the troll. She told off the troll saying that people nowadays even get married with ten children.

“Situmwambie huyu ukweli, siku hizi hata 10-0 mechi huanza bado,”  Betty Bayo replied as she played Ringtone’s Sisi Ndio Tuko to further send the  message home.

She also said that the bible proclaimed that everyone  is deserving of love.

Fans were quick to flock to the comment section with a barrage of opinionated messages for the gospel singer. Here are some of their reactions;

@shikumuthoni : Yangu iianza 2-2 and it has been ten years down the line.

@A.Adrian: “Amen. I am a mum of one boy and finding it hard for a man accepting my baby boy, but we move nevertheless.”

@Maria favoured254: “Sisi ndio tuko. I love that, mother of two.”

@Tabitha Muasya: “Don’t explain too much. Anasema hivyo na yake labda ilianza 0-0 na labda ako divorced.”

@Dream chaser: “Yangu ilianza 2-0, seven good years now.” @Rhoda said: “You nailed it sis. Sisi ndio tuko with no apologies.”

Betty who got married to one Hiram Gitau towards the end of 2021. The marriage came about 6 years after her relationship with controversial preacher Victor Kanyari ended. Kanyari and Bayo were however blessed with two children during their relationship.

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