Musician Bahati and his wife Dina Marua nearly caught fans by surprise after sharing videos of a wedding setup on December 12, 2023.

The couple was expected to walk down the aisle on the mentioned date but that did not come to pass and they seem to have changed their plans.

The lovebirds were part of their friend’s wedding.

In a joint message on Instagram after their friend’s wedding, they let their fans know that they will update them when they set a new date for their wedding  .

”Today was to be our Wedding Day but. Congratulations to our friends @Directorritchie na @RenaSolomon We’re glad to be part of your Line-Up as we take notes on how we are going to Present to you Our Big Day .New Wedding Dates Loading…”they said.

Their fans had been confused however as the adorable clip started as it made them think that it was actually their big day.

Diana was rocking in a white gown complemented by a beautiful bouquet of flowers ,while Bahati’s suit completed their gorgeous couple look.


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Below are reactions from fans.

”Congratulations to your friends, na muachange mchezo aki karibu mahaters wadhani sikuitwa harusi ya bahati’s,” a fan wrote.

”Endelea kutupea stress kitenge itaozea chini ya sanduku mazeeh,”another jested.

”I can’t wait for the big day ya the bahatis” esthermueni540 stated her comment.

”So y’all think Diana and Bahati wedding will be shown to you like vuaaa,, congratulations to them,” kristink9453 commented.

The celebrated  has been married for seven years and they have five children; three being their biological children, one from Bahati’s previous relationship and one adopted.

The father of four had expressed his undying love for his wife months ago, as he proposed to her for a second time.

”She said yes and I officially announce that 12th December 2023 is our wedding day,” the Baby You singer enthusiastically declared.



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