Jacky Vike popularly known as Awinja surprised her fans when she revealed she had acquired a white new Jeep wrangler that costs Ksh 3 million.

The funny comedian took the Jeep to a large plantation for photoshoot, aimed for the reveal of her newly acquired American machine.

In the photos Awinja could be seen draping an orange outfit holding a bouquet of flowers which blended splendidly with the posh vehicle and the lush green plantation.

Butita, in  response to the purchase by Awinja, funnily suggested that he already  knew that the expensive vehicle was bought for her by a sponsor.

He added if ever gets married he would gather all those expensive vehicles Kenyan celebrities have to go and have a spectacle somewhere in the country.

“Yani umebuy Jeep bila mubaba manze? Ehh unani inspire yani,” Eddie Butita told Awinja after she told her she bought the Jeep herself.

However Awinja downplayed Butita’s Assumption and said that her mubaba was God.

“Nkona na mubaba anaitwa sir God’ Awinja responded.

“Nilijua tu ni Mbaba thank you @jackyvike for confirming Nice Wheels mdosi tumekubali, ile siku nitaoa nitachukua gari zote za wasanii gari zote za wasanii tukauze uoga kijiji flani hii Kenya” he captioned his video with Jacky.

“Wewe tu ndio Mluhya umebeba EMBODOKA!!!” Awinja further responded to him

Awinja’s success is symbolic of the evolving landscape of digital marketing in Kenya. Companies increasingly turn to celebrities and influencers to leverage their massive following on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

In the age of high internet connectivity, Awinja has become a sought-after figure for brand collaborations with local Kenyan companies.

Notable partnerships include Naivas Supermarket, East Africa Breweries, Jibu, Exe Unga, and various other brands.




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