Controversial content creator Andrew Kibe has criticized the men conferences that were held on Tuesday during Valentines Day.

In a six minute-long YouTube video, Kibe said that the conferences were just opportunities that people used to market their products while urging the boychild not to fall for them.

“Bro don’t fall for this bullshit, this marketing shit that everyone is trying to sell to you. On top of being stupid, now you are being sold something known as the boychild movement. I saw there were many men’s conferences around the country, for what?” he posed.

The former radio presenter noted that there is no need to talk to grown-ups and instead, the conferences should have been held in high schools and primary schools where men are being built. He added that once a man is fully grown, no amount of talks and conferences can bring any change in them.

“There is nothing you do with men but now there is an opportunity to market a product, suddenly all of you pop up, lets try and teach him, teach him what? Have you gone to high school to teach them? No. What are you doing talking to grown up men. Go to high school, Primary, where men are being built. Men are being destroyed there and then you come and try fix them when they are men, how?” Kibe stated.

According to him, female teachers in primary schools and secondary schools are responsible for destroying men. He said that female teachers have no ability to instill discipline in the young men.

“We need to think how are we going to build men better because you can not build a man once he has already crossed over. You will do shows and you are not helping anybody,” he said.

Kibe further slammed blogger and Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai, Chris Kirwa and Pst. Mbevi for being on the frontline of organizing the conferences.

“Stop this nonsense of talking to men. What are you telling them?” he told them off..

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