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Amber Ray has sent her fiance Kennedy Rapudo a whopping Kshs82,000 in honour of a bet they had placed.

The couple placed a bet on the match between  Arsenal and Man City. Amber Ray was supporting Man City while Rapudo was in for Arsenal.

They agreed that Amber will get a whole month’s supply of skin care products that cost around Kshs120,000 if Man City wins. Rapudo on the other hand requested for a half of the servicing fee for his Range Rover incase his team won.

“Hae baby, game imeanza? Bado I want us to have a bet cause I know you are supporting Arsenal and me I am supporting Man City. Man City ikisihinda I want you to buy me my skin care products za all things face since ni end month na bado sijalipwa and wewe  mkishinda unataka nikufanyie nini.” the mother of two said.

“That’s a deal. If Arsenal wins, I have not done servicing for my car. It’s around…Should be around 160K, we will just do half, so 82,000. ,” Rapudo said on the other hand.


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Arsenal won the match and Amber Ray honoured the bet by sending Rapudo the money agreed via M-pesa. This has however caused mixed reactions among fans especially on the huge Mpesa balance that Rapudo flaunted.

“Wueeeh 🥲 mimi ni yatima wa mapenzi basi.”

“Jameni ata chama ya 200 inanishinda 💔God of money locate me 😂😂😂”
“Apo kwa balance..eeeee yesu wangu kama mimi ni monkey please take me to the forest.”

“Hii pesa itarudi tu kwa amber ray .”

“Niwekee mbao nikule wow wow.”

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