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Social Media personality and entrepreneur Nelly Oaks has addressed claims of mistreating and exploiting employees at a bar and restaurant linked to him.

Reports that  the former boyfriend of .musician Akothee was being unjust to his employees emerged on Thursday night. It was alleged that he has not paid the workers for month yet they were subjected to harsh working conditions.

“Akothee’s ex-boyfriend Nelly Oaks exposed by his employees at his 727 restaurant and bar for mismanagement, exploiting staff and not paying them their dues,” a gossip outlet revealed.

In the expose, one employee, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that, “We have been subjected to harsh working conditions, with no regard for our rights as employees. We have not received our wages for several months, which has left us in financial distress.”

Nelly Oaks has however responded to the allegations saying that he doesn’t own the bar and restaurant in question.

In a statement he shared to local media outlets, he said that he joined  727 as a marketing consultant  but the place didn’t fit his brand standards.

“I have no formal association with 727 Bar and Restaurants or previous owners. I only came in as a marketing consultant of which the investment opportunity was presented. However, the place did not fit my brand standards and I have no binding commitments to employees of the place,” he said.

Nelly Oaks further stated that he is only aware of a break-in case that happened at the establishment last week after his departure.

“The misconception is, I’m the owner of the place. I am not. I do not even know any of these aggrieved employees personally. I was approached by the management of the place to be a partner. After thinking it through, I declined the offer. In fact, I’ve not been part of the premises for close to a month now, ” he said.


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