Akothee has once again stepped up to defend Azziad against ongoing rumors that she is dating Youth Affairs and Sports CS Ababu Namwamba.

The mother of five said that Azziad as well as the CS are grown enough to date.

“Is the CS Ababu not A man enough? A Luhya African Man for that sake (you  know know what I mean, I mean if he had a wife or whatever he can still do is sh*** just like most African men do,” she said on social media.

Akothee further said that Azziad has never announced that she is married to anyone. According to her, Azziad is not aware why Kenyans  pin the CS on her.

She also revealed that she encouraged Azziad to date the CS if he likes her but her answer was simple and straight forward.

“Azziad has never declared to be anyone’s wife  she is just but a child. Kenyans, Azziad is a baby please, not your competition. Ooh yes I have interacted with both of them. Azziad is like my daughter . When things got tight, I reached out to her. She has no idea why Kenyans plant The CS on her and my words to her ‘Mummy ,and what is wrong by dating the CS if he is single and ready to mingle,
I told her if you like him. & He likes you Go for it kwani ni kesho’ ” Akothee stated.

” No mommy, we have nothing , currently I am working on my career,” the 23-year old allegedly responded.

Akothee told Kenyans to focus on other things that are affecting the country other than bedroom issues.

She however noted that those gossiping about Azziad and CS Namwamba were interested in having them.

“When your man is over the moon about this, AZZIAD is his crash, when your woman makes this topic of discussion, she is crashing on mheshimiwa period Kila mtu apambane,”

Namwamba had earlier on cleared the air saying that Azziad is not his girlfriend.

“Azziad is not my girlfriend. We do not have any relationship whatsoever. I actually feel sorry for the poor girl. You know for me ,I  have been in the public space , you grow the skin of a crocodile on top of a hippo, covered by the skin of a buffalo and you can take all sorts of blows,” he said during an interview.


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