African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) has caused a stir online after faithful engaged in a confrontation that has since gone viral.

The confrontation happened in St Luke AIPCA Ruiru one of the branches of the established church.

In the video, the faithful can be seen arguing with each other outside the church while other members try to cool off the flaring temperatures.

According to the most outspoken woman from the group, the Archbishop who is the highest in the food chain had given orders on who was supposed to lead the service but rogue church elders wanted to overturn that decision and have the priest of their choosing.

”Tunatumia barua ya archbishop . Hatutaki wahubiri! hatuwataki ata kidogo na hivo ndio tunasema. hakuna mhubiri tunataka! Tunafollow barua ya archbishop” the angered faithful shouted.

The fight escalated shifting focus from the main issue at hand to petty issues like other faithfuls being mean with axes meant for communal church use.

The Sunday in question was dedicated to the women’s team called ”victory” and they were not happy with other members of the church trying to jeopardize thier event.

”Siku yetu ya Victory mnaiuliza nini? na vile tuliamka mapema kupika. Siku yetu ya Victory waachane nayo. Leo ni siku ya Victory..sisi hatujachokoza mtu na hii kanisa sio ministries ati ni ya mtu”

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Exited netizens flocked to the comment section to react to the religious drama.

”One thing I love about AIPCA is they will fight and later wake kigosho as if nothing happened.”

” I am a proud AIPCA member. Tuzidi kuombeana.”

”Why is that they are always fighting? Don’t they have the spirit of the lord? a netizen asked.

This is not the first time the AIPCA church has made it to the news for violent confrontations.

In 2015, the clergy came under fire from the public after an elderly woman accused the church leaders of beating her up badly.

Their second most famous confrontation happened when the church almost split into 2 since the bishops could not settle on one archbishop to steer the church.



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