Renowned Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy is set to launch his inaugural live performance today, drawing both excitement and consternation from fans.

While promoting the event, the Kibra-born rapper announced that the event will be held in Mlolongo and tickets will be going for Kshs200 only.

“We meet at Continental in Mlolongo at 8. The entrance fee is Kshs200, come and let’s have fun together  and things will be bravo bravo and freshi barida, I will be there doing my thing, I love you so much mwaah,” Stevo said in a video he shared on TikTok.

The seemingly low ticket price has however stirred a wave of discussion, leaving some Kenyans disgruntled.  Some critics argue that the lowered ticket prices could potentially undervalue the work of other artists and set a precedent that may affect the industry’s economics in the long run. Others viewed it as an opportunity for affordability and inclusivity.

“200 mbona bro, this is too low for you. Pandisha bwana your game is top notch.”

“Surely aki wewe unatosha 200?”

“200 only..unatafuta rent ama?”

“Rwabe haiafai bwana”

In response to the backlash, Stevo Simple Boy defended his decision stating, “I want all my fans to have the chance to experience my music live. This show is about bringing people together through music, and I want to make sure that it’s an opportunity that anyone can afford. As my career grows, I’ll definitely adjust the pricing, but for now, let’s enjoy the moment.”

As the curtain rises on Stevo Simple Boy’s debut show, the music community watches with bated breath to witness both the artistic brilliance on display and the effects of this pricing strategy. It remains to be seen whether this bold move will reshape the landscape of Kenyan live performances or merely serve as an isolated incident in the industry’s history.


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