South African based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan is reportedly off the market after marrying her young boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya..

Zari and Shakib got married in a private ceremony that was witnessed by close family and friends.

A video of their alleged wedding was shared by Wasafi FM radio presenter Lulu. In the video, the couple are seen dressed in Islamic attires and Shakib is captured placing a ring on Zari’s finger.

The couple celebrated their one year anniversary last month.  Their relationship has however not be smooth since it has always faced criticism due to their age difference. Zari is said to be 11 years older than Shakib.

In the past, Shakib revealed that his friends deserted him for engaging in a romantic relationship with an elderly woman. Zari  has however stood firm, telling off those who think Shakib is too young for her.

“He is 30 so you cannot tell me he is a child. He has been above 18 for a very long time. He took me to meet his parents and that was so nice. I don’t think we are doing anything wrong and I am not defending myself,” the mother of five said previously.

Zari’s private wedding however comes just a week after Akothee got married in a lavish wedding. The two women, who both have five children, were best of friends some years back. They supported each other and would often hang out together but things between them went south in 2020. It is not clear what happened but they unfollowed each other online, with Akothee saying the move was intended to get her some fresh air.

“It doesn’t have to be breaking news when I decide to unfollow some of my colleagues in the industry of social media, it’s a way of getting fresh air. I don’t know how to pretend and this day had to come. Some of them I would defend with my uterus when they are attacked, but they will not come to my rescue when it’s my turn. They will coil their tail and come back when the storm is calm, but I understand, maybe they fear bloggers or they have underlying issues,” said Akothee.






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