South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is currently in Uganda where she is spending some quality time with her father, Nasur Hassan.

While at her Ugandan home, Zari had the opportunity to harvest some vegetables in their farm, thus leaving her father amazed.

According to her, the elderly man wondered how she is still able to carry out farm duties after spending over a decade in the city.

“Spent the day with pops at the farm. He’s still out here wondering how, after 23 years of Johannesburg skyscrapers, Sandton life in the fast lane and Pretoria parliamentary avenues haven’t changed me. It’s values pops….values. I was given that growing up, and it still lives me. I will hold onto that forever and a day,” she captioned the video of herself with her father in the farm.


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One of her fans however argued that it was normal to do the things one used to do while growing up, whenever they go back home.

“But that is a home you grew up in. Why would you want to change on how you do things around it after years being away? Lets be realistic, no matter your status, when you go back to a home you grew up in you will still have to do the things you used to do,” the fan commented on Zari’s post and she responded saying, “Not everyone does.”

Another fan commented on her post saying, “City girl to village girl.”

In an earlier post, Zari flaunted her huge mansion in Kampala while expressing her excitement to be back home


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