Raila Odinga’s youngest daughter Winnie Odinga is trending on social media after she allegedly insulted her father’s long-term aide, Silas Jakakimba.

Jakakimba took to twitter to reveal that the EALA MP disrespected him after he replaced his cover photo with  one that has the sitting president William Ruto.

Silas Jakakimba(l), Gladys Wanga and President William Ruto. Photo|Twitter


According to him, Winnie considered the change a betrayal but she doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices that he has made for the opposition leader over the years.

“WINNIE ODINGA used F’Word on me last night for what she terms betrayal in lieu of my Cover Photo. What she FAILS to appreciate: We respect JAKOM-done HALF the Yrs of my Life and him& if she CARES to know, we’ve had to hard-furnace via INVISIBLE Sacrifices to that Cadre of LOYALTY,” he said.

Jakakimba further urged Winnie to respect people for the love of the country.

“It is imperative moving forward that Winnie learns to respect people for who they are – if not least, for what they’ve been in a long journey of several lows and countable highs, for love of Country. JAKAKIMBA,” he added.

Below are some of the reactions on the matter;

Mo Yusuf: Okil @silasjakakimbayou deserve worse than what Hon @Winnie_Odinga has said… You can’t be dining with Rt Hon @RailaOdinga in the day and with Nabii Zakayo mtoza Ushuru at night.

Dan Nyagah: Winnie Odinga did the right thing. Why should someone be dining with Raila Odinga during the day and then at night he or she is at statehouse meeting President William Ruto begging for a job?! Winnie Odinga should continue DISPLINING those confused cows.

Kitheka: Winnie Odinga is full of herself,Like Edwin Sifuna she’s arrogant & believes she’s monopoly of wisdom & knowledge. Telling Jakakimba “fuck off” over just a mere profile photo is childish,unacceptable and inexcusable. You’re wrong & totally out of line.


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