The Nairobi County Boss, Johnson Sakaja while speaking on a radio on 14th December 2023, has stated that Kenyans will not be required to pay any entrance fee to access Uhuru Park after the Nairobi festival. This year will mark the second edition of the Nairobi festival which is a six-day extravaganza that kicked off on Jamhuri Day.

“After the Nairobi Festival, Kenyans will not be required to pay any entrance fee to access Uhuru Park,” said the Governor.

Sakaja went on noting that during the festivities, the country is charging Ksh. 100 for adults and Ksh. 50 for children to support the causes adding that the entrance was free for everyone living with disability. According to Sakaja, the funds collected will be directed towards a Christmas kitty that assists the elderly in Huruma.

“We have different vulnerable people who will need our help to have a happy Christmas, a reminder that they are part of us” Sakaja stated.

He continued to recall the times when the park was a relaxation zone giving a serenity and tranquility to everyone visiting it.

“Does anyone remember their tarmacking days when, after a long day of fruitless search, you would just go and sit there and enjoy the scenery, maybe listen to sermons? … after completing all the necessary work, we will soon launch the park. We aim to revive the days of boat riding and restore Uhuru Park as a relaxation zone,” Sakaja reminisced.

He added that every city has many things that talks more about it.

“Every city has a story it tells, which forms part of its culture,” he remarked.

Uhuru Park and Central Park were closed to the public in February 2022 by the Nairobi Metropolitan Services in order to rehabilitate them. Some of the Kenyans in X have critique the statement by Sakaja terming him as an opportunist taking Uhuru’s credit. Others have congratulated him saying that this is a great move to take.

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