In a Viral video doing rounds online Wahu is seen loosing her cool after her hubby  staged a prank on her where he pretended to be chased by a hippo.

The celebrity power couple was  in a scenic location in Naivasha which was surrounded by lucid waters,  where they were celebrating the 18th anniversary of their marriage.

Nameless was strutting  towards the shore  with her wife in tow but he stopped suddenly with a frightened face while pretending he was being chased by something.

The video which was posted on his Instagram was accompanied by a playful caption where Nameless teased that once in a while you need to scare your wife to spice up your marriage.

“Stua bibi once in a while so that she is always ready for anything! Huyu anaogopanga hippo😂😂” he wrote.

When Wahu realized it was a mere ruse meant to scare her, she lost her cool and projected insults on Nameless.

“Ah stupid you’re very stupid monski, Don’t do that to me. We ni fala you have to stop acting like a child” she said angrily.


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Netizens were quick to the flock to the comment section. Here are some of the reactions.

@oga_fredrique: There is no way my wife pauline can call me such trush ata nikafanyie nini akaezi 😢

@sheemahmaingi: Monski hujipendi aki. Leo and the days to come nakuona kwa kiti na hii baridi aki

@carolynzshy?: 😂😂😂wahu nvle akisimama stage au kua na confidence kumbe ni muoga ivo😂😂

@guantaifridah?: One time you’re Justin Bieber,one time you ganjaman,,the transition from a sexy voice to that😂😂😂

Nameless and his wife Wahu are the epitome of couple goals, and are proof that marriage works in the celebrity world. The two recently relished some alone time for their 18th anniversary in Naivasha, where they exchanged their vows almost two decades ago.














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