Cheating is definitely the climax of disrespect in any given relationship as many can attest to that, Pritty Vishy could be having a long-term solution to women who decry being cheated on.

The 22-year-old social media influencer has cautioned women against fathoming cheating men but instead, she advises they should just bring in a new lady for him.

Is this the solution? Pritty Vishy who at one time revealed that she was married while in class 7 said that once a man begins cheating, they will never stop.

”Honestly, why do people think getting a second wife helps? A cheater is a cheater,” She stated.

 “My advice to all married women, is don’t entertain a cheating husband because he will do it over and over again…

Instead, help him find a second wife because huku inje wanawake si wazuri sana wamebeba kamdudu.”

She even went ahead to make references from the Bible but this, however, did not go well with social media users as they lashed her saying that she is too young to offer advice to married women.

tbaby721: 20yr old girl advising married women will you keep quiet you have a long way to go😂😂

mykeleacky: Stupidity of high class how can you advice married women when you had more than 5 failed relationships that’s madness

lynecarole3:The same Bible says second wife’s are cursed. Be careful when running into other people’s marriages 🚮” some of her followers reacted.

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