Former gospel musician Willy Paul has blasted Bahati just a few days after he released a gospel song dubbed Utarudi lini.

The two unrivalled singers have often been trounced by a section of the public for abandoning the gospel music industry and delving into the salacious world of secular music.

Pozze who announced that he releasing his new album for the year claimed that Bahati had not turned a new leaf but was afraid that his music was not relevant anymore which is why he decided to make a come back in the gospel industry with the new gospel single “utarudi lini”.

Through his Tiktok the Njiwa hitmaker who has been notorious for taunting Bahati over the years claimed the latter could not match his prowess in creating good tunes.

He boasted that his planned release of his new album this year was giving other artists jitters including Bahati.
He jabbed Bahati for donning feminine clothes where he concluded that Bahati was not a man for his queer behaviour.

“Albamu yangu ya mwaka inashuka hivi karibuni wasanii tayari wameanza uoga na vitisho baridi ninachowaletea ni Album Halisi” said the Saldido label artist.
“Naskia kuna Wale wataacha Muziki na madem wengine watarudi gospel ?! Si ni life Pozze Pozze ameamua” Willy Paul added

After appraisals from some of his fans for him to go back to gospel music Bahati seems to have heeded to the call. Two years earlier he teased his come back to gospel with his single that posited the question of when will God shine upon his life again.

Before releasing his new track Bahati made headlines on social media after posting a coffin with a shot of him next to it on his Instagram which he captioned “utarudi lini”. His fans were amok with conjecture where they expressed disappointment on what was seen as mere attention seeking.

Willy Paul on the other hand recently admitted that the reason that he had not released any music was intentional to prove his unrivaled skill and how the musical scene was in shambles without him. He said that while he was in a sabbatical the new music released by other artistes did not resonate with fans.

“Nimefurahi Sasa Kila Mtu Anafahamu Kwamba Bila Pozze, Tasnia ya Kenya Imekufa! Somo limepatikana! Kwa Wote Mlioendelea Kunitumia Meseji Kuuliza Muziki Mpya, Say No more!,” Willy Paul claimed

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