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Saldido Founder and recording artist Willy Paul has broken silence after Miss P apologized to him for publicly accusing him of sexually assaulting her two years ago.

While sharing the video of the former female artist apology, Willy Paul said that he had finally been vindicated and wondered if he should forgive Miss P or not.

“MISS P. There’s Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel. The Truth Always Comes Out No matter How Long It Takes. It’s Been Two Years Of Misjudgment From The Public Eye, I Don’t Know Whether To Forgive Or..” Willy Paul said.

In her apology, Miss said that she now regrets ruining Willy Paul’s reputation publicly and she said that she will be reaching out to him so that they can bury the hatchet. She however did want to reveal if her accusations were true or false.

“Before I approach him  and have a conversation with him, I will use something I saw in a reality show, Real Housewives of Nairobi, I heard someone say you embarrassed me in public you have to apologize in public so I am doing something of that sort, I tarnished his name publicly, let me clean it first before we patch up things,” Miss P told YouTuber Nicholas Kioko.

Miss P accused Willy Paul of sexually harassing her in September 2021 and this saw Willy Paul drag her to court.



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