Willy Paul

Former gospel singer Willy Paul has reacted after comedian Eric Omondi blasted former and current gospel musicians for abandoning the ministry.

The comedian accused Willy Paul of quitting the industry and being among the most immoral former gospel artists.

Willy Paul however responded to him saying that his message is the funniest joke among all his jokes.

“Of all your jokes this is the funniest bro, keep chasing the bag,” the Toto hitmaker’s comment read.

At the same time, he said that he will soon share with his followers why he left the gospel music industry but said that his relationship with God is still intact.

Eric Omondi took to social media on Sunday to blast gospel musicians for failing the Kenyan music industry. According to him, some of the artists have now embraced fornication, homosexuality among other unpleasant things.

“Where is Daddy Owen, Where is Jimmy Gait, where is Mercy Masika, where is Alice Kamande, where is Glorial Muliro, where is Eunice Njeri? They have all fallen. Where is Bahati, where is Willy Paul, where is DK Kwenye beat. The gospel music industry has failed us. I remember the days of groove awards, the most popular awards in East and Central Africa.

“The next thing I heard is DK Kwenye beat alikuwa na gonorrhoea. Willy Paul is leaving the gospel industry and now they are just having s*x in Umoja. They have more scandals than the secular industry. We know what Willy Paul is doing. The amount of s*x and fornication that Willy Paul and DK Kwenye Beat are having on a daily basis. Nimekutana na Willy Paul on Sunday with a yellow Mercedes driving around looking for university students and you are a preacher and minister of gospel,” the comedian said.

The Comedian also recounted the days that he used to minister with Mercy Masika at Daystar University until the spirit of God would come down. He further accused Jimmy Gait of selling Kenyan women to Saudi Arabia where they are being mistreated. He added that Guardian Angel had disappeared after being married.

Omondi told gospel artists that they will never succeed in anything they do after leaving God and the ministry. He urged them to embrace their initial calling of singing and preaching the gospel.

“I want to give you a message from God. Whatever you touch shall never prosper until you come back to your initial calling. Bahati achana na politics, give us songs that are inspired by God. Sasa mnaachia gospel watu kama Ringtone Apoko. I know what he does from Thursday. He changes women like clothes. He sleeps with three women per day. The most immoral people in Kenya are former gospel artists,”Eric Omondi said.

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