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Former radio host Andrew Kibe is regretting the moment he defended singer Willy Paul after Miss P came out apologize for accusing him of sexual assault.

Kibe says that he felt stupid since the apology was meant to chase clout for a song that they released thereafter.

“Juzi nikakuja pale nikadefend Willy Paul. I was here nikajitolea mhanga nikasema wacha nitetee hii fala inaitwa Willy kadinya nikasema huyu dem ni stupid. Huyu dem alikam akaekelea huyu Willy Kadinya hii story mnaiua, kila mtu akaitikia . Kiki, mimi wewe whips. It was kiki because they were releasing a song. I am the one who falls for this shit, I get carried away like stupid. I just find myself diving with stories. We defended a person saying it was not right for girls to behave like that and shortly we see them in a song dancing, I felt so stupid,” Kibe said in a YouTube video.

While defending Willy Paul, Kibe called out Miss P as well as Diana Marua for ruining Willy Paul’s reputation. According to him, the lies they peddled against the artist cost him brand deals.

“Willy Paul has not been getting endorsements for a whole year because because of Miss P and Diana B. Madem walimnyeshea. These two bi*ches lied, opened their mouths to say something which they knew would destroy this man.  Lying about sexual assault that is one thing that is going to destroy a man quickest in this world. Imagine that evil that is in these two bi*ches. She comes back a year later so casually ‘I was just emotional’,” Kibe saidabout three weeks ago.



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