Willy Paul

Singer Willy Paul has proclaimed himself as the number one artist in Kenya.

According to him,Ā  none of the Kenyan artists can defeat him and that he has put them in their rightful places.

Willy Paul also claimed that no artist has released a song that is a match to Umeme, which he dropped in mid- January. He further wondered why God has chosen him to punish artists whom he referred to as sinners.

“I am not the artist you wanna mess with. Any way mimi ndio number one artist hapa na hakuna pingamizi. Hakuna kitu wasanii wananishow but kill me if you can mscheww. Wacha nizidi kuwaeka at their rightful places. Umeme imewashinda kupiga jee watawezana na hii ingine? Aki Mungu sijui mbona mimi ndio umechagua kupunish wenye dhambi aki,” he wrote on his Insta stories.

willy Paul

Willy Paul is currently working on a new song but he has been accused of copying Diamond’sĀ  Yatapita song after he shared a photo of himself in tattered clothes.

Following the accusations the Kitanzi hitmaker went ahead to reveal that he had also included Zuwena in his music.

“After listening to story ya Zuwena I had to put the same Zuwena kwa song. I don’t see any problem fam take it easy it’s never that serious,” he said on Sunday.

Zuwena was also released by the Tanzanian Bongo star recently. It is however not clear if that will be the outcome of the song or he is just doing it to chase clout.

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