Kenyan musician Willy Paul has proven wise this morning following his recent address to ladies.

The artist who has been on everyone’s radar because of his conduct with the women he does music collabo’s with has seen it important to enlighten ladies who seek recognition from artists online.

Citing Tikok Music challenges Willy Paul has asked women on social media to know and value their worth despite them enjoying social media.

”Bythaway hawa wasichana wanatingisha ma*t*ko  wasani waone wapost wanakumbuka kuna kitu inaitwa self respect? Willy Paul

Pozee who seems disturbed by the trend of ladies seeking recognition form secular artists is warning ladies to be wary of what they show men.

”Sio mbaya but always remember this…what you show a man ndio kitu atakujia  so kama hii ndio idea then sawa tingisheni.” Willy Paul wrote.

Despite the advice to women, the artist has also been promoting is music by asking his followers to jump into the challenges and ladies have topped the list.

Are ladies actually seeking for recognition from  secular artists as Pozee claims or they are just  enjoying their music and having fun?





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