Marya Prude has insinuated that she is dating years after her marriage to Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu hit the rock bottom.

Marya hinted that she is with someone during an interaction with her fans online. A fan asked if she was dating and she responded saying, “Shemeji amepokea simu.”

Another fan wanted her to show her man on social media, saying they were dying to see him.

“Mtakuwa tuu sawa. Acha shemeji apumue angalau.” Marya responded to the fan.

On the question of having children, the fashionista said she might or might not have children. According to her, it was a matter of discussion between her and her man.

“Mama is working on her bag right now. Children will come later or never. Tutaona na shemeji,” she said.

Marya got married to Raburu at the age of 23. Their marriage was however dissolved in 2020 after the death of their baby.

She previously expressed regrets on getting married at a young age.

“I woke up this morning with so much to do in my mind and I just remembered I got married at 23, yes yes, 23. I don’t know what I was thinking. I would be so far right now if I wasn’t busy serving society and other humans their expectations of me as a married woman because I would be doing most of what I’m doing right now to catch up. Alafu pia, marriage isn’t an achievement okay? Bye,” she shared online

Raburu has since moved on and is married to Ivy Namu.


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