Manzi wa kibera and her 66-year-old mubaba seem to be chopping well,the two an awesome valentine’s Day as seen from the stunning pictures they post..

The socialite now says that her love for him will culminate in a wedding and two children. Manzi wa Kibera and her old bae revealed that they making big steps in their relationship with the latest being a HIV test as a show of commitment.

Speaking to Youtuber Nicholas Kioko on Wednesday, February 22, the couple said they are still dedicated to each other and  told off critics who had predicated they would spilt over their age difference.

“Kama mimi 66 ndio ilinifurahisha then what is it? Wacheni mimi na mzae. Saa hii ni three months we have been dating, there is no clout or anything like that.” she said.

The mystery man is a widower from Machakos, who is dating Wambo to keep him company. He sells clothes and she was his customer.

They started making contact when she forgot her handbag at his stall.

The two are planning to start a  family and eventually get married. Congratulations to them!


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