Yesu wa Tongaren

Eliud Simiyu Wekesa, who is popularly known as Yesu wa Tongaren now claims that he marks his Easter in July.

According to him, he does not celebrate the holiday in April like other Christians across the word, since the month is characterised by killings.

“Biblically, April is a month characterised by killing. I wouldn’t want to celebrate Easter on such a month. My interpretation of the scripture says Easter should be celebrated on July and not April,” Yesu wa Tongaren told The Standard.

He however plans to fast from Friday and Sunday, as other christians mark Easter, that has begun this Friday April 7. He will also hold a mass on Saturday and engage in Biblical teachings on Sunday.

Yesu Wa Tongaren also said that some of his neighbours had planned to crucify him but through prayers they changed their minds.

“I heard some in my Lukhokhwe village neighbourhood saying I should be crucified just like Jesus Christ. Some of them even came to my homestead carrying a hammer and six-inch nails. I prayers and they had an immediate change of mind and went back. I have supernatural powers, they can’t attempt to crucify me. My home is easily accessible that tells you that I don’t fear anything,” he said.

Comedian and pastorMan Kush however said that Yesu Wa Tongaren must die on the behalf of the Luhya community.

The pastor said that he has four buses  that will ferry people to witness the crucifixion on the self-proclaimed son of God.

“I have four buses be cause he must die for the Abaluhyia. They have  a lot of problems because they hid jesus until he grew old, married. You have problems instead of crucifying him to save you. If we had crucified him, Kenya would not be facing the demonstration problems,” Man Kush told Dr. Ofweneke.



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