Outspoken Suna East MP Junet Mohammed has come out to explain the reasons as to why Winnie Odinga snubbed President William Ruto’s meeting.

Winnie Odinga missed out at President Ruto’s meeting other EALA MPs who were elected to represent Kenya at the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Through a tweet Junet revealed that Winnie was busy preparing for an Azimio meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7.

“She is preparing for the Kamukunji meeting,”he wrote.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga hinted that the Kamukunji rally is meant for discussing how the opposition can keep President Ruto’s government in check.

A similar meeting is expected to be held on December12, at Jacaranda grounds during Jamhuri Day celebrations.

Winnie is yet to give an official statement on her reasons for skipping the EALA MPs meeting that was held at The Statehouse on Monday.

Kenyans have however criticized her for the decision with some saying that she has followed the footsteps of her father.

“It is Shameless for Winnie Odinga to skip a presidential meeting! EALA position does not belong to your family, it belongs to Kenyans. The earlier you know this the better. Please remove that nonsense of Raila’s entitlement, he doesn’t own Kenya!!” a twitter user wrote

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