Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol band lead vocalist Bien Aime Baraza has shared details of what has kept the group together for 20 years.

Bien spoke to Afrobeats podcasts, where he acknowledged Sauti Sol as the biggest band in the continent, adding that the band is his longest marriage.

According to him, the group is still intact because it was founded on friendship, love and respect unlike other music groups.

“We have always respected the friendship more than anything. I have never wanted to do or say anything that would disgrace my brothers, neither would they. I would never hear a Sauti Sol member somewhere saying something about Bien that they couldn’t talk to me about. Most of the groups that you see have been put together by the music business, we were put together by love, friendship,” Bien said.

The artist further said that as they grew up, they began going for therapy just like married couples and also discuss and celebrate whatever happens to them.

“We do go for therapy like a married couple. Sauti Sol is my longest marriage. I have been married to for three years to my wife, but before that, Sauti sol is my longest marriage, 20 years. To date we go for therapy, we sit down, we talk about not only the things that are troubling us but also we celebrate the beautiful things that are happening in our lives. We are now dads, business owners, we have achieved so many things, we have moments for therapy and reflection and those are beautiful moments that I don’t think many groups share,” Bien noted

He added that many groups split because of egos, drugs and other things such as personal choices.

Other Sauti Sol members are Savara, Chimano and Fancy Fingers who is the lead guitarist. Members of the popular band met in 2002 while they were still high students.


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