Rapper Breeder LW has denied claims of being in a romantic relationship with Kenya’s popular female rapper Maandy.

Breeder said that he and Maandy are just business associates and rumours that they were dating could ruin her relationship.

He added that he respects her so much as one of the best female artists in the country.

At the same time he claimed that he has so many girlfriends as his polygamous nature demands.

“Breeder is a very polygamous man. Mimi sina bibi lakini  niko na relationship associates na ni wengi. Kuna relationship associates na kuna watu wa base wenye tunaezapatana tuimbe doba noma. Namrespect(Maandy) kama msanii mnoma, the baddest female artist mwenye nishawaiona hapa Kenya. Si ati kuna relationship association apart from the business association.Wa relationship ni wengi. Niko na mabibi wengi lakini hamuwajui. Manze mnashinda mkiniekelea Maandy, mnnamwekelea dem wa watu,” he told Mungai Eve.

Breeder further said that he plans to marry 200 hundred. According to him, he wants to take the step because one woman is not enough for him, thanks to his body structure. He added he has a lot of energy hence the desire to have many wives.

“Am a polygamous man. Niko na madem wengi. Saa hizi niko na madem kila constituency central kwanza. Niko na madem kwa kila clan ya wasapere, 12 clans. Nitaoa bibi 200. Huoni vile natoshana, nitakuaje na bibi mmoja. Mimi ni mtu niko na nguvu,” he said.

This comes just after rapper Khaligraph Jones suggested to his crush to try her luck with Breeder since he is already taken.

“Wacha nikupee jamaa anaitwa @breederlw size yako huyo, mimi nishaoa tayari,” Khaligraph told the fan who claimed that she was dying to have him because of his body.


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