Daddy Owen’s mum wants him and his brother Rufftone to get married and settle down before it is too late.

In a recent video shared by Rufftone on his Instagram page, his mum is seen  having a conversation with their younger brother advising him to settle down.

She goes ahead and asks him to look for a woman from the village since city women end up leaving them.

“These women you get in Nairobi end up disturbing you. They do not want development in the upcountry they just want to live in the city,” Owen’s mum said.

Owen’s brother went on to request his mum help him get a ‘kienyeji’ revealing the qualities of his dream woman which included- light skin, tall and one who can cook ugali and give birth to about nine children.

He also asked his mum if he was allowed to get two wives. She was not of the idea of him getting two wives.

” I have told you to get married. Get married and settle down life is not easy,” she said.

A few months ago, Daddy Owen had revealed that he was under pressure to marry again. Even his mother and friends are worried about him living alone and visiting the family all alone.

“She tells me to even hire someone just to stop walking alone at home,” he said.  “She said is worried that I live and walk alone”.

Owen now 40, revealed that by now he would have wanted to finished siring children. During an interview he was asked if is dating he said tat he still afraid that he might not make the best after his marriage failed.

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