Kenyans are conflicted about why the government is ‘fighting’ China Square.

The retail and wholesale store located at the Kenyatta University’s UniCity Mall has been an attraction site to many since its launch a few weeks ago.

The government through the Investments, trade and industry  Cabinet Secretary Kuria has indicated that they want china square out of the Kenyan market.

He urged the Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University Paul Wainaina to buy out the lease for the establishment. Unicity Mall was built by Kenyatta University.

“I have today given an offer to Wainana the VC Kenyatta University to buy out the lease for china Square, Unicity Mall and hand it over to the Gikomba, Nyakima, Muthurwa and Eastleigh traders Association,” Kuria said

The business entity (China Square) has been the talk of the town after reports went rife that it was selling commodities at cheaper and affordable rates.

On Sunday, the store announced that it has indefinitely suspended its operation and Kenyans had mixed reactions about the closure

MigunaMiguna : If we close down China Square and chase away the owner who gave poor Kenyans alternative competitive options to consumer goods, will we be genuine and extend the ban to white-owned enterprises in Naivasha, Nanyuki Malindi and the foreign-owned Banks? Why would China Square be closed because it sells consumer goods at competitive prices? Closing it would be anti-poor people. Kenyan businesses must compete or perish.

Maina Mugwe2: I support Kuria on this….. Chinese cannot be the manufacturer, importer and a retailer while sending the profit back to their country.

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