Popular Podcaster Andrew Kibe has come out to explain why legendary radio presenter Caroline Mutoko will never be heard in the airwaves again.

In his recent podcast, Kibe acknowledged  Mutoko as the best female radio presenter the country has ever had. He said that those who came after her like Kamene Goro and Sheila Kwamboka can’t match her even if they are combined.

“Caroline Mutoko, when she came into the picture, this chick was the baddest bi**ch on radio. I dare say, Kamene, Kwambox and all the other bi**hes put together will never ever hold a candle to Caroline Mutoko’s prowess when they came to radio. Caroline Mutoko anawapiga wote swip. Huyu dem alikuwa mzii. She was built for radio,” Kibe said.

According to him, Mutoko was kicked out of radio because she is ‘grew old’ and her sexual value went down. He added that the low value has seen her star get dimmed and that no one pays attention to whatever she does nowadays.

“While she was on top, she commanded everyone. She would be on radio and call CEOs. She was influencing policies, they talked about her in parliament. She has been sued. As bad as she was, the day her sexual value dipped, then we could not look at her sexually. Huyo ni mama sasa. Go and be a mother now. She was taken off radio and there is nothing she can do even if she tries creating videos out there, no one listens to her,” Kibe claimed.

The former radio presenter added that Classic FM’s Maina Kageni is still relevant although Mutoko rose to stardom before him.

“Maina has remained relevant all those years. He has been number one all those years. As soon as Caroline Mutoko’s sexual value dipped she could not be on radio anymore. They use sex to sell. As soon as people did not want to sleep with her, she was taken off the radio and brought a younger version. They will always bring a younger version. Maina has seen them walk in and walk out, Kalekye, Adelle, Kamene in and out but the man has remained on top” he said.

Kibe also said that Kamene will soon be like Mutoko.



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