Former  Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has gone viral once again, this time flaunting his monetary capability.

Sonko who has been branded  Mr 411 set the internet  on fire by posting a video where he’s seen flaunting lots of cash both in dollars and and Kenyan shillings.

Seeming like a re battle response to individuals who insinuate that he is running broke, the business man posted the clip on twitter boating how rich he is.

The video has gone viral and from the choice of words Sonko seems to have been annoyed by someone who is yet to be un earthed.



The video captures him open suitcase  full of money which can be roughly quantified to 2million Kenya shillings, which the ex governor calls pocket change

“Hii ni pocket money” says Sonko as he continues to showcase the money.

The question on where Sonko is getting his money from ,is what’s ailing Kenyans many of them who are battling the side effects of tough economic times.

Sonko’s lavish lifestyle can be attributed  to the number of businesses he has, his years in active politics and suspected proceeds of corruption during his political tenure.



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