Kenya’s rap sensation Stevo Simple Boy claims that he has no idea who KRG The Don is.

Stevo shared on his Insta stories that he has been tagged a lot  alongside the dancehall artist but doesn’t understand why they are being compared musically.

“Sio kwa ubaya ama nini. KRG ni nani. Nimetagiwa sana kwenye Insta na mbona tunapiganishwa kimiziki(Not in bad faith, who is KRG. I have been tagged a lot on Instagram and why are we being com pared musically?)” the Kibra-born star posed.


Screenshot of Stevo’s story.


Of late, KRG has faced a backlash online with many Kenyans claiming they know none of his songs although he poses as an artist.

Some advised him to embrace comedy because that is what he has been doing in the recent days instead of releasing songs.

Addressing the matter, KRG said that his enemies were not sleeping and were behind the narrative.

“People are saying that I am a comedian. My brothers, you have danced to my music, how many of you have danced to my songs? I know my enemies are not sleeping, I am also not sleeping. I know it is Dufla, Kiddo and Casipool who are paying them. That is there work in town,” Krg told content creators a few days ago.



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